A Quick Guide to Majorca

The largest of the ever-popular Balearic Islands, Majorca is the perfect location for an active adventure.

Where is it?

A 45-minute flight from Barcelona, Majorca is the middle, and largest, of a set of islands set in the Mediterranean off the east cost of Spain. It has a varied terrain, which means that although the majority of visitors come for the coast and beaches, there is a growing interest in the island’s fertile plains and mountainous regions.

What can I see?

Visit Palma for a really cosmopolitan view of Majorca. Half of the island’s population lives here so it should come as no surprise that sophisticated bars and classy shops sit easily alongside ancient streets and the astounding Gothic Cathedral. It pays to spend some time exploring the city — whether it’s taking in the amazing view from the waterfront, wandering in and out of the tiny shops in the old Arab Quarter, or taking in the sights from a traditional pony and trap. Further afield, Majorca boasts a range of interesting towns, secluded bays, and mountain walks that reward with perfect views.

Fit 4 Adventure’s Annual Majorca trip

Majorca is a famed cycling destination, attracting top riders from around the world. But this is a destination suitable for all fitness levels, which is why Fit 4 Adventure has been returning year after year — 2017 marks the seventh year we’ve done this trip!

Available in 7-, 10- or 14-night stays, the experience includes daily rides are led by David LeGrys, an English World Master track cyclist and cycling coach. He and his team lead our guests on rides around the island over mountains, hills and flat terrain. Routes are designed for everyone from beginners, who are learning cycling etiquette, to competitive cyclists used to riding over 70 miles a day.

The group eats breakfasts and dinners together, and there’s plenty of opportunity for sightseeing as well. Along we daily cycling, we organize day trips that include horseback riding, wine tasting and visits to small villages and local markets — and of course there’s time for the beach, sun and surf.

Fit 4 Adventure’s Majorca trip happens every May. Our 2017 journey is fully booked, but 2018 dates are already set! Block off May 6-20, 2018 and book your spot now.

How do I get around?

There are many low-cost flights from several major European cities to Majorca’s main city, Palma de Majorca. From there, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to traveling around the island. There is a comprehensive bus network that takes you from town to town, or you can hire a car so that you can be in complete control of your itinerary.

Alternatively, you can rent a moped, or work off your meals by cycling — Fit 4 Adventure’s first choice, obviously! It’s never too far from one town to another, so there’s plenty of time for sight-seeing, however you choose to travel. Use the local ferry services to visit the other Balearic Islands and make the most of your holiday time.

Intrigued? Learn more about our annual — and epic! — cycling trip to Majorca.

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