Tour du Mont Blanc -- Challenging, but also Luxe!

From the perspective of Joe Dann (F4A Senior Guide)


I have often said, there is nothing better than a cold beer after a long hike.  It’s true.  It’s a simple pleasure that many of us enjoy after a hard day of hiking in the Alps, on our Tour du Mont Blanc trip.  The only question is beer first, or shower first? I’m a beer first kind of guy.


The thing is, we don’t stop at the simple pleasures.  It’s actually the ‘luxe’ touches that make our trip special:


·      Charming hand-picked inns, huts and hostels on the route – not the cheapest, but our faves

·      Rest day in medieval town of Courmayeur, Italy after first week, with pasta dinner

·      Luggage transfers most days (you carry only a day pack)

·      A private chalet (and private chef) at the end of the trip in Chamonix

·      A day to explore the French resort town of Chamonix


It’s true, the route we take is challenging, and you do need to be in good hiking shape to give it go.  But it rewards us with some of the most exquisite mountain scenery in the world! 

It’s a classic and popular European adventure ... and it’s even better when doing it our way!

Here are a few pics of what I'm talkin' about ...

Put your feet up at the finish. This is our private chalet in Chamonix, France, with six bedrooms and baths.

Elegant setting for a dinner celebrating our finish.  Prepared and served by local chef at ourprivate chalet in Chamonix, France.

This is roughing it.  Comfortable and stylish,this is the lobby of our chalet-styled hotel in Les Houches, France.

Afternoon tea with a view of Mt. Blanc in La Fouly, Italy.

Breakfast waits in the parlour at the Hotel de la Couronne in Agentiere, France.

A cozy bar and restaurant where we like to have our  ‘fancy’ pasta dinner, midway through the trip in Courmayeur, Italy.

Luggage is transferred daily by vehicle while we hike with light daypacks.

An elegant ‘hut’, in the high alpine meadows on the Italian side of Mt.Blanc, can be reached only on foot.

A little down time and a chance to explore villages and connect with locals.

Ride a cable car over peaks and glaciers to see the top of Mt. Blanc.

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