Ski Club

If you're put off by the high cost of ski vacations these days, join the club! The F4A Ski Club is NEW in 2022, promising a unique kind of experience for our skiers and snowboarders. One that’s more about the thrills than the frills. Here’s how it works:

Like any good ski club, we offer value-priced trips to popular ski resorts. We’re gearing these towards skiers and snowboarders who want to spend more time on the mountain and less money getting there. What we get is a fun, unpretentious group of people you will love hanging around with, on and off the slopes. There will be a F4A host on every trip who knows the way around and is there to help coordinate meals, shuttles and club activities.

What it means to be a member:
- Your annual ski trip planned and organized for you
- Travel and ski with like-minded friends
- Icebreaker Happy Hour on first night of trip
- Group outings and activities on and off the slopes
- Discounts on equipment rentals
- Skiers and snowboarders (and non-skiers) welcome
- Exclusive off-season trip offerings

It's FREE. There are no membership dues at this time. As our membership grows, we can negotiate those coveted airfare and ski pass discounts. Most ski clubs require you to pay annual membership dues in order to receive these benefits. By joining this year you will be a Founding Member, and will never pay annual dues. So, why not join now?

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