The Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc- a world-renowned, iconic hike amongst the Alps.

The name alone is legendary, conjuring images of towering mountains, cascading glaciers, incredible scenery.

It’s almost mythical, a century of tales of mountaineers and sun-baked alpinists float along the trails, amongst the villages, the legends of those brave souls that pioneered the sport of mountain climbing. It is through this hallowed ground that trekkers traverse, making the Tour du MontBlanc one of- if not THE- most iconic multi-day mountain hikes in all the world. It is alpine hiking at it’s very finest.

Just ask Joe Dann, Senior Guide and Trip Leader for the Tour duMont Blanc.

‘It’s indescribable. The people, the places, the landscape… There are very few places in the world where one can hike hut-to-hut through such incredible scenery- it is truly unique.’

Joe is a seasoned veteran of the Tour du Mont Blanc, having completed the circuit 4 times himself. He knows the people, the best places to stay, the coziest bars and cafes, along with a few ‘off-the-beaten-path’ excursions…

Covering just over100 miles through some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet, the Tour du Mont Blanc circumnavigates the Mount Blanc massif, passing through France,Switzerland and Italy. It’s a unique and exciting reality that you’ll be going to sleep in an entirely different country from where you set out that morning.Different language, different architecture, different customs and cultures- all in a day’s walk. It’s part of what makes it such a special trip.


With Fit4Adventure, trekkers have the option of hiking the ENTIRE circuit. We don’t cut corners; we don’t hurry through. We do it all first class. For those experienced trekkers looking for the ultimate alpine adventure, the Tour du Mont Blanc is the culmination.

It’s not an easy hike by any means; not a walk in the woods, so to speak. There are alpine passes to climb and rocky ridge lines to ascend, but the views are worth every step. The experience of hiking one of the world’s premier routes is incredible, and the feelings of accomplishment and exhaustion at the end of each day are well-earned.

‘Oh, and did I mention the food?’

Ohhhh, the food.

(And the wine.)

(And the beer.)

One works up quite an appetite when hiking through the Alps, and upon completion of the day’s trek, attention immediately shifts to FOOD. This brings to light yet another aspect that makes this trip so unique.

Culinary delights and local refreshments abound, with an ample spread awaiting hungry trekkers at the end of each day. Friendly hosts and top-notch chefs bring the local food culture to life, adding yet another layer to the Tour du Mont Blanc experience.

Fed and refreshed, trekkers can kick back and enjoy the alpine village life- incredible scenery, crisp mountain air, and good company rehashing the day’s activities with fellow trekkers from around the world. A warm bed awaits- the next day’s adventure is only one sleep away…

The Tour du Mont Blanc- an incredible hut-to-hut alpine adventure unlike any other- it truly is the trip of a lifetime…

Don’t miss it!!!

Nick Tilley
Fit 4 Adventure Blog Contributor and Adventure Guide
Adventure Travel Specialist

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