Don’t Forget This Essential Hiking Gear

Active vacations are a great time to bond and spend time with friends and family — after all, you've toiled hard enough for all those months to earn yourself a memorable and fun-filled holiday.

If adventure and thrill are your group’s idea of a perfect holiday, a hiking trip can take you to see some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Hiking is one of our favourite reasons to travel. Fit 4 Adventure offers hiking holidays in Alaska, Washington, Utah and Arizona, and even to France, Switzerland and Italy for an epic tour on the trails of Mont Blanc. In fact, these are among our most popular trips — the 2017 Alaska, Mont Blanc and Arizona trips are already sold out. (If you want to be placed on the wait list, or want to book for 2018, email us!)

To ensure that your trip is hassle free, it’s important that you pack your gear with diligence and care, from toiletries to medicines and clothes. Read on for a few tips to help with efficient packing for your forthcoming hiking trip.

Packing tips for a memorable hiking trip

Medical Supplies

Hiking is an exciting, adventurous activity, but with that comes the potential for danger. Apart from minor cuts and bruises, there is a possibility of developing allergies and rashes, being bitten by insects and snakes, and even the risk of an encounter with poisonous plants such as poison oak and poison ivy. These safety items and medicines will have you well prepared to handle any such situations:

  1. Pack a well-stocked first aid kit. Consult with your family healthcare provider to learn about any special medicines specific to your destination that should be included in the kit.
  2. Know the medical history of your travel buddies. If there are any specific ailments or problems any of you suffers from, asthma, for instance, keep those medicines within easy reach. And remember to keep handy a sufficient supply of good insect repellent.
  3. Ask your group to keep the contact numbers of their healthcare providers and immediate family members and friends handy, so that they can be contacted should an emergency arise.


Before you hit the road, gather knowledge about the area you intend to visit. Make sure you keep enough dry food items to snack on – maybe even enough for a meal, especially if you are traveling to a remote area. Find out if there is will be access to clean drinking water. If not, take a large enough supply of water with you to last at least a few days.

When packing snacks to nibble on during your hiking trip make sure they are a good source of protein so that provide you with an energy boost. Sugary snacks will help in the short term, but sap you of stamina in the long run.


Though you might be already on a vacation, hiking can be stressful and tiring. Make sure you pack a few items for some leisure time while on the trail. A radio, Frisbee, even a pack of cards are all great options. This will enable you to enjoy yourselves and take a well-needed break on the trip.

Clothes and Accessories

Make sure you carry enough weather-specific clothes and accessories for the place you’re visiting. This could include long-sleeved t-shirts, thermal wear and woolens, as well as a pair of sunglasses, caps and sunscreen lotion for adequate sun protection. Waterproof clothing and an extra pair shoes are also suggested.

If you or anyone in your group wears glasses, make sure you keep an extra pair in case of an emergency. And, keep all essential documents in order in a safe place in your baggage.

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