New Year's Meditation

Written By: Jenny Kettler

Is achieving a better balance between work, family, and personal care part of your New Year’s resolution? In today’s busy world, so many of us struggle to find the right balance, we need to feel healthy, confident, and involved. This year I invite you to take the opportunity to let go of anything that is no longer serving you from 2017 and make space for new intentions in 2018. As one year comes to an end and another gives birth I encourage you to embrace the much-needed cleansing process and take time to reflect.

For this blog post I invite you to find a quiet space to center yourself. Take a moment to turn off any distractions, grab some paper and a pen, light a candle and find a comfortable seat. With your spine tall and strong take a nice deep cleansing breath, breathing in deeply from the base of your belly. At the top of your breath hold for a count and release all the air from your lungs with an open mouth exhale. Do this, at your own pace, at least 10 times. After you center yourself, gentle blink open your eyes and reflect on what you’d like to leave behind in 2017. Whether it’s a fear or disbelief about yourself, take a moment to focus on an overarching theme that you think will cleanse your mind, body and soul.

After reflecting on what is no longer serving you feel free to share with a friend or fellow yogi. Burn some sage. Breath in your releasing affirmations and then begin to shift your attention to 2018.

As you turn your focus to the new year I invite you to reflect on what you’d like to bring into your life in 2018. Focusing on specific areas will help you identify intentions more clearly. Grab your journal, nestle into a comfortable seat and reflect on the following four areas:

  1. Health – How would you like to improve your health? This can be as simple as affirming to exercise more, or as specific as, attending the 6pm yoga class every Wednesday.
  2. Wealth/Career – What do you wish to manifest in this area?
  3. Relationships – How can your personal or professional relationships shift or improve?
  4. Personal Enrichment – What would you like to draw into your life to bring more balance or personal growth?

Setting these intentions helps us transform our wishes into realities. Focusing our minds helps makes space to live the lives we really want to live. Shifting this sacred place within us allows time and space to dissolve and makes way for the voice of our higher self. I believe, at times, we are perplexed by how to move towards intentions, goals, forgiveness, healing or truth, however, we know how to walk from point A to point B. Humans have been walking and breathing for thousands of years, no matter how arduous the journey our ancestors have taken us places we never imagined. Through deep breathing, walking, hiking, thinking and adventuring we connect with our most primal self and rekindle our relationship with nature. This new year I invite you to step outside. Take time to breath and walk from here to there –  adventure to a new place physically or metaphysically, explore, renew and connect once again with your most primal self.


~Jenny Kettler

F4A Adventure Guide & Blogger

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