Meet the new Fit 4 Adventure owners!

Hello Fit 4 Adventurers!

Wow! I don’t know what kind of start your 2022 has gotten off to, but it has been a BUSY time here at F4A! Earlier in January, we all gathered together in Dallas to celebrate Diane Golden’s remarkable career as the Founder of the company. After 21 years at the helm, Diane has stepped away to pursue new dreams and adventures, traveling the country and visiting the long list of friends she acquired during her time leading the company. She’ll still be involved in an ‘advisory’ role- heck, she might even get the itch to guide another trip someday- we’ll see… It was a great night in Dallas- new clients and lifelong friends alike showed up to celebrate Diane and raise a toast to her successes- past, present and future.

Cheers to Diane and her remarkable career as Founder of Fit 4 Adventure!

We also raised a toast to the transition of the company and the new ownership group- 3 F4A ‘guides-turned-partners’, each anxious and excited to lead Fit 4 Adventure into its next phase:

Joe Dann met Diane in 2009 and quickly became her Right-Hand Man with Fit 4 Adventure. Over the next 12 years, Joe created and led many of F4A’s most popular trips: Zion Hiking, Alaska Multi-Sport, Iceland Multi-Sport, the Katy Trail Cycling Tour, the F4A Ski Club and, his baby, the Tour du Mont Blanc. Joe’s long tenure with the company- along with his guiding and industry experience- will be key in the developing of new guides. He will take the lead in managing our private group adventures.

Fun Facts about Joe:

- Conquered a fear of heights to climb Yosemite’s harrowing Half Dome in 2008.
- Experienced his first earthquake while on a F4A scouting trip in Alaska in 2015.
- Envisions ultimately living outside the U.S. in ‘active’ retirement. He has a 'dream spot' picked out, but is open to suggestions... 

Kris Corbett joined F4A in 2019 and has taken the reins on all things ‘athlete’ when it comes to our trip catalog. From marathons to cycling trips (and everything in between), Kris is passionate about providing our clients the best-possible experience when they put their own sweat on the line. An accomplished endurance athlete herself, Kris has completed countless marathons, ultras and Ironman races, bringing that insanely high level of commitment, persistence and determination to her roles at F4A.

Fun Facts about Kris:

- Lives on a working cattle ranch in Texas, complete with a cowboy husband, yard cows and a vizsla named Divot.
- Lived 12 years without a home while working as a professional golf caddie, Rules Official, and the Tour Director of the APT Tour.
- Was once knocked unconscious by a deer while riding her bike at 3am when attempting a triple-Ironman.

Nick Tilley joined F4A in 2018 and has guided such trips as Patagonia, the Tour du Mont Blanc, Alaska, the Grand Canyon and Big Bend National Park, among others. Having sought out adventures the world over, he has a wide range of experience and expertise in the Adventure Travel realm. He’s also a freelance writer for several outdoor/adventure publications in the St. Louis area, bringing those skills to the marketing, communications and website development of the company.

Fun Facts about Nick:

- Has visited 45 different countries, many during a 2.5-year ‘Trip Around the World’ 2007-2010
- Had to go to the reserve parachute the one (and only) time he has been skydiving
- Has been charged by a rhino, almost swallowed by a whale shark, won a staring contest with a mountain gorilla and swam face-to-face with a Great White.

Joe, Kris and Nick- the new F4A owners!

Truth be told, the entire Fit 4 Adventure team has been hard at work these past several months, ensuring a smooth transition as we enter into 2022. One major development of note to you, our clientele- we’ve streamlined our online booking process, adopting a new system that is both user-friendly and easily managed. We are working to get all trips on the 2022 calendar aligned with this new system, making booking incredible adventures with F4A even easier.

Speaking of 2022- we’re excited to announce we have a FULL SLATE of epic itineraries lined up and ready to go! From snowshoeing in Bryce Canyon to whitewater rafting in Costa Rica; from cycling in Mallorca and on the Katy Trail to yoga retreats in New Mexico and Utah; from float planes and glaciers in Alaska to kayaks and waterfalls in Iceland- 2022 is looking to be an incredible year. We’re excited to have you join us on what’s sure to be the adventure of a lifetime- for ALL of us! It’s going to be the kind of year we all need it to be…

Check out all the options here!

From all of us in the Fit 4 Adventure Family (Diane especially!)- THANK YOU for all your support over the past 21 years, and we look forward to guiding you on more incredible adventures in the years to come! Thanks for choosing to travel with us- you ALL are part of the F4A Fam as well!

Cheers to the past, cheers to the present, and cheers to the future! We hope to see you on a trip in 2022!

-Joe, Kris, Nick, Diane and the rest of the F4A Family

The F4A Family: Kristin Goss, Nick Tilley, Diane Golden, Joe Dann, Kris Corbett, Marie Hoag and Emily Goode (not pictured)

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