Falling in Love Abroad

Written By: Carissa Perry

You know that moment.

Waves of joy wash over you, your body tingles with excitement, and your heartbeat quickens to an almost frightening pace. You probably have a serene, Buddha-like smile growing across your face, and the world around you has fallen into a peaceful silence.

This is the moment you fell in love with a place.

With a quaint mountain village,

a peaceful, glacial lake,

or mountain wildflowers, along the trail in summer.

Maybe it was a golden beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze,

or a bustling city centre,

or underground beauty you never dreamt was there.

Maybe it was all of them.

For me, it truly has been all of them. That’s the beauty of travel, the ability to fall in love over and over again with the world around you. I fell in love with the feeling of falling in love, and that’s why I travel.

What moves you to travel? What is a place that you have fallen in love with?

Carissa Perry

traveler | blogger | wine drinkin' dog lover

exploring the world one freckle at a time  +



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