Welcome to Fit 4 Adventure

As we kick off a new year of active adventure, achieving fitness goals and traveling to new places, we are excited to launch a new website for Fit 4 Adventure!

Whether you’re training for Boston or Chicago marathons, dreaming of trekking across Europe’s famous Mont Blanc or determined to tackle Alaska’s terrain, and regardless of whether you’re traveling solo or part of a big group, the team at Fit 4 Adventure will not only make the planning of these trips easier but make these unforgettable journeys.

Your source for fitness-based travel and adventure.

On the new website, you’ll be able to explore itineraries by type of activity as well as see photos and videos of our trips so that you can get a taste of what’s to come and get inspired to start planning your next adventure.

The new site also marks the launch of this blog, where we will regularly provide information about upcoming trips, tell stories about what to expect in each of our destinations, share photos from our adventures and provide gear and training tips and tricks to help you prepare for your next journey with Fit 4 Adventure. 

One of the things we are most proud of is that those who have travelled with us have become a community, supporting each other’s fitness goals and sharing suggestions about exciting new travel opportunities. If there’s something you’d like to us to explore on the blog that could help with travel planning or training, drop us an email.  

We’re always looking into new destinations and planning new active trips, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and sign up for our email newsletters to learn about where we’re headed next.

Be it cycling, hiking, swimming or skiing, I hope to see you soon. Let’s go somewhere together!

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