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A $250 per person deposit is required to reserve your trip. Please click the Book Trip button below to pay the deposit now.

A $250 per person deposit is required to reserve your trip. Please click the Book Trip button below to pay the deposit now.

August 24-30, 2019

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If yes, we'll try and match you with someone.

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Patagonia - Argentina

Race Date
February 3, 2020
number of days
8 Days/ 7 Nights
Starting price
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Patagonia - Argentina

What's Included:
  • All transportation (excluding flights)
  • All Meals
  • 2 F4A Guides
  • All Hikes/Activities
  • All National Park Fees
  • 7 Nights Lodging
  • Luggage Transport

Trip Dates: February 3-10, 2020

Trip Price: $3,049 per person

One of the most iconic landscapes on earth. The name alone carries a mystique, a mythical aura of adventure.
‘Patagonia’- The wild unknown, the rugged unexplored. Raging rivers, towering peaks, jagged rock faces, massive sheets of ice- all cast against the backdrop of vast expanses of untamed wilderness…

Sound enticing?  Guess what?  We’re going.  And you can come with us…

Join us in February, 2020, as we launch our inaugural trip to PATAGONIA -- one of the world’s premier adventure destinations.

This 8-day/7-night itinerary encompasses the greatest adventures Argentina has to offer ... hiking on the massive Perito Moreno glacier in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares and trekking in the shadow of the imposing Mount Fitz Roy near the Andean outpost of El Chaltén.

This trip has it ALL, and then some…

We’ll gather in the mountain town of El Calafate, Argentina, on the shores of the magnificent Lago Argentino. Guests will have the first afternoon to recover from the long travel day while exploring the quaint lakeside village- then it’s ‘Adventure: ON’ for the next 7 days.

Click the Itinerary tab above for daily details.

FLIGHTS: You are responsible for booking your own flight. Your destination airport in Argentina is El Calafate (FTE). Plan to arrive at your convenience on February 3rd. We'll arrange for airport shuttle. You'll plan to depart on February 10th. Choose whatever flight time suits you best. It's only a 20 minute taxi back to the airport.

PAYMENTS: A $500 (per person) deposit is due when you submit the reservation form.  Your 2nd payment (50% of remaining balance) will be due November 1, 2019 .  The remaining balance will be due December 15, 2019. You’ll receive a reminder email when these are due.   

CANCELLATIONS: Your deposit (less a $150 fee) will become non-refundable after September 1, 2019. All other payments are non-refundable after they have been paid.  

TRAVEL INSURANCE: The cancellation policy above will be strictly adhered to. Travel insurance is always a good idea to prevent loss of funds in case of an unexpected cancellation or even injury while on the trip. The easiest way to get insurance is to purchase along with your flight purchase.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This is the right trip for energetic people who like to be active and have a spirit of adventure and a positive attitude. To enjoy this trek it is essential to be in shape before you arrive. It is not wise to regard this trek as a means of getting into shape or losing excess weight. Start a program of conditioning well before departure.

Day 1: Travel Day. Arrive in El Calafate.

Airport:  Comandante Armando Tola International Airport is an airport in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. It is located approximately 21 km east of the city of El Calafate. Upon arrival, you’ll be met at the airport by a hotel shuttle driver. Your two Fit 4 Adventure guides will be there to greet you at the hotel.

We suggest you take this day to explore the town or relax a bit.  We will all meet up tonight for our welcome dinner.  

Arrival Day options Include:

  • Explore the shore of Lago Argentino- a short walk from our hotel for magnificent views of the spectacular Lago Argentino.
  • Head to the town and visit open-air markets, chocolate shops, cervecerias, see the local artwork at the Paseo de los Artesanos, and crafts at La Aldea de los Gnomos
  • Visit the Ecological Reserve of Laguna Nimez- a wild bird sanctuary near town; home to over 80 species of birds; a boardwalk with informative signs winds amongst a handful of small lakes; rent binoculars if desired.
  • Check out the Centro de Interpretacion Historica- a small museum in town giving the natural and human history of Patagonia, enjoy a traditional 'mate' and talk with the guides.
  • Go to the Glaciarium and IceBar (Free shuttle from the Tourism Bureau in Town Center)- Learn all you ever wanted to know about glaciers and Glacier National Park, and, if you're up for it, drink cocktails out of frozen glasses in the IceBar.

Welcome Dinner: Cerveceria Chopen

Lodging: Blanca Patagonia Hostería Boutique y Cabañas (we will be here 2 nights)

El Calafate is a town near the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and is mainly known as the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, home to the massive Perito Moreno Glacier. Our first two nights will help acclimate us for the week and we will take advantage of our luxury accommodations overlooking Lago Argentino.

Day 2: Perito Moreno Glacier Ice Hike

Breakfast is included at the hotel. We will pack snacks and sack lunches for the day (think local bakeries with empanadas, yum!)

If you only visit one glacier in your life, Perito Moreno should be the one you see. This stunning mass of ice spans 121 square miles and, remarkably, is still growing. It towers above the turquoise glacial water of Patagonia’s Los Glaciares National Park, beaming a blinding white and exuding cold blue hues.

This day of adventure on Perito Moreno Glacier includes all necessary hiking equipment, including crampons and harnesses. We will have a local guide to ensure your comfort and safety while teaching you about the glacier's ecology, geology, and wildlife. Today’s ice hike is considered moderately difficult. We will spend an hour and a half hiking to the glacier, and then three and a half hours out on the ice. A boat will ferry us back to port where we’ll then return to our hotel in El Calafate for the evening.  

Hiking Time: 5 Hours (1.5 hours hiking + 3.5 hours exploring on the glacier)

Difficulty: Moderate

Dinner: La Parri Grill Bar or Morrison

Day 3: Mirador las Condores & Travel Day

Breakfast included at hotel, prior to departure for El Chalten.

This morning, we'll pack our bags before heading to the Andean outpost of El Chalten, about 3 hours north of El Calafate. Upon our arrival, we.ll drop our luggage at the hotel then get ready for today’s hike. The trail-head is within walking distance from the hotel and will lead us to a spectacular viewpoint with panoramic views over Videma Lake and the mountains beyond. After the hike, you will have ample time to settle in. Later in the evening, we will eat a hearty dinner to prepare for tomorrow’s hike!

Hiking: Mirador de los Condores- 2 miles round trip; min elevation: 1380 ft, max elevation: 1708 ft; duration: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Group Dinner: Estepa Resto Bar or Restaurant La Bicicleta (super cute local place with bicycle theme.

Lodging: Infinito Sur - El Chalten (staying here 3 nights)

Day 4: Laguna Torre Hike

Breakfast included at hotel. We'll pack snacks and sack lunches for the hike.

One of the classic treks of El Chaltén- this hike winds along the valley of the Fitz Roy River, leading to the gorgeous, glacially-fed Laguna Torre, located at the foot of the amazing Adela Range. The hike will take us past the legendary Agostini base camp- a spot long-renowned for hosting world-class rock and ice climbers. Along the way, we’ll come to the Cerro Torre viewpoint, providing one of the of the most magnificent views in all of El Chalten.

Upon arriving at the lake, the scenery will take your breath away. Giant icebergs float in the lake, massive chunks of ice calved from the Torres and Grande glaciers which come cascading down the mountainside. The the impressive Cerro Torre towers above, standing watch over the valley below. It is spectacular- a hike for the ages- and a ‘Must Do’ in every trekkers logbook.

Hiking Time: 7 Hours (steady pace, including lunch and snack breaks). 11-miles out and back; min elevation: 1397 ft., max elevation: 2107.

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 5: Laguna de los Tres

Our hike starts with a somewhat steep slope which will bring you to viewpoint of the valley of the De las Vueltas river. You will continue along rivers and streams periodically. Eventually we will have another climb to the Tres Lagoon which will require more than an hour of effort to get to the top. The road ends at the ancient ridge, with an extraordinary view of the lagoon and glacier of the Tres. This is the closest view of the wall of Mount Fitz Roy that you can get.

Hiking Time: 8 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (trail ends with a steep climb to the lake)

14.2 miles (RT- out-and-back), min elevation: 1328 ft, max elevation: 3870 ft. There is an option to shuttle to El Pilar Hotel, skipping some of the initial climbing and shortening the trek by about 3 miles. Shuttle is approx $10/person, and would prevent the hike from being out/back along the same route.

Day 6: Free morning in El Chalten, shuttle to Calafate, explore Estancia Nibepo Aike

This is a morning to choose to sleep in and/or explore the local coffee shops, boutiques, chocolate shops in El Chalten. After an early lunch we will take a shuttle to our hotel in El Calafate, drop off bags and get ready to visit the Estancia Nibepo Aike.

About Estancia...

In the 18th and 19th century, the Argentinean pampas (plains) were home to the gauchos, nomadic master horsemen, who later in time became emblematic of freedom and nationalism in Argentinean Patagonia. You may recognize the image of the Argentinean ‘cowboy’, clothed in a poncho and loose pants (bombachas), toting a large knife (facón). Modern estancias provide the opportunity to look into the remains of the gaucho culture and how it has modernized in order to survive. Estancias are akin to ranches, where livestock and agriculture are the main focus and old world traditions and skills sets continue to be used as a means of preserving the past.

During our half trip to Estancia Nibepo Aike, a family owned property outside of El Calafate, we will be treated to a welcome yerba (or tea or coffee), a chance to view the surrounding property on horseback, demonstrations of estancia life and a parilla (grilled lamb dinner) to top it off as the sunsets. 

Lodging: Hotel & Spa Imago, El Calafate (staying here 2 nights)

Day 7: Free Day to book activities, explore El Calafate, relax in the spa, etc.

Possibilities for the day:

          Cerro Frias- large hill 22km from Calafate- great views of Fitz Roy, Torres del Paine, etc.

          Calafate Mountain Park- book a 4WD tour, or take the chairlift to the top for great views

          Boat tour of Lago Argentino

          Visit La Leona Petrified Forest

          Kayak the Upsala River

          Drive to Lago Roca

Group goodbye dinner at a Parilla Restaurant in El Calafate

Day 8: Travel Day

This is our first trip to this destination. We’ll let you know once the reviews are in!
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